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Three questions to ask yourself before declaring a college major

1.  Do you want to pay for mistakes you made at 18 when you are 36?

2.  Can I make money doing this?  If so, will my minimum annual income cover basic living expenses and student loan payments?

3.  Is there any difference in pay in my field of study if I get a Master’s Degree or PhD?  Can I accomplish this same pay increase with experience?

No one knows all the answers at 18.  You couldn’t possibly know that at 35 you would have a spouse, two kids, and a dead end job.  You don’t know that a glamorous degree may yield not so glamorous employment.  (i.e. Fashion Merchandising gets you a job in retail sales)  But the main thing you don’t know at 18 is that no matter what your degree says, you will only find riches at the bitter end of hard work!

Sorry kids I had to burst the damn bubble.  I am tired of hearing the sob stories of people (including me) that made HUGE financial decisions at an age when deciding what color shirt to wear is difficult.  The loan officers and banks know we are a bunch of young dumb asses.  I screwed my money all to hell and refuse to let any more young people make this same choice.  So before you decide to pursue a Sociology degree figure out what you are going to do with it.

BTW:  If you are told that the best path to making money in your field is to get a PhD RUN LIKE HELL!!!
I am stepping off the soap box now.


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There is no point in explaining…

I have been told repeatedly by someone close to me that I have everything.  They some how compare their life to mine and see me with riches beyond measure.  Are they serious???  I can’t get them to understand how overextended I am or that I am tired of being a debt slave.  They think debt is a privilege and I should be grateful to have a chance to exploit it.  I realize there is a certain maturity involved in handling money.  I wasn’t mature enough to avoid this debt in the first place so I am not judging them for their misunderstanding.  But I am soooooo tired of the dismissal!  I got real problems.  So seeing as how, I need this person on my page and can’t get them to think as I now do…I am going to leave this person along the wayside.  Some people are in your life for a season.

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Where the **** did my positive attitude go?

I had an unplanned pet emergency that cost me $495 and a transaction dated September 4, 2012 go through on November 9, 2012 for $433.34.  I am pissed off!  You see the pet emergency was budgeted after I realized it had to happen.  I love my dogs and sometimes the vet likes to see how much.  So when I found out that my doggie needed surgery I moved some things around to make that happen.  Then out of the blue here comes a debit for $433.34.  What the %@#$ ?  At first I thought someone stole my identity. Now that I am trying to get myself together, wouldn’t it be great to have a huge set back like identity theft to come and squash my progress.  But noooooooo!  It is just a late transaction made by the credit union!  Excuse my french.  But I wanted to B*TCH slap everybody associated with the credit union.  WHY!?!  Guess I will never know why they held a transaction for two months.  I guess I will have to get over it.  So today I am blogging live from My Angry Place.

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So this is where I am…

Enough of my torrid financial past.  I have been a complete ass about my spending.  I have paid penalties, late fees, insufficient funds fees, and overdraft fees as if they were unavoidable bills.  I am down to $4400 of credit card debt and have fought back from the brink on my mortgage.  Believe it or not I am darn near even on my car note.  I have been blessed with a better paying job  that pays straight time for overtime on Saturdays (which I can get plenty of) and a bonus for volunteering to work 1 Saturday/month.  Get this. I could get a double bonus for volunteering for two Saturdays/month.  Now comes the tough decisions. I have been reading the blog and have been inspired to make some tough choices.  The writer paid off $90000 in student loan in under a year!!!  He sold one of his cars, a motorcycle and lots of other toys.  He downsized his life to nothing and he won!  He beat the system.  He avoided all of the interest and the emotional strain associated with being in debt.  I have $93000 in student loan debt!  So he and I have that in common.  He makes a little bit more money per year than I do. :}  So with that being said, I am going to look at what I need to do to eliminate my student loan debt in 24 months.  YES!  I am aiming high.  I have no idea how I will do this!  If I only paid my mortgage, power, water, and basic phone.  I will be about $1400 short of what I need to meet this goal.  That is if I don’t have any debt and will not buy grocery or gas (yeah right).  So what’s a girl to do?  I need to make about $2000 extra per month.  What shall I do?  I don’t want to start stripping on the weekends.  Besides I don’t think anyone would pay me to take off my clothes.  I have too much of a conscience to be a criminal.  So I must get creative.  I am capable of working a part time job for twenty hours per week.  If I make $8/hr I can make about $500 (after taxes).  I will work at least one Saturday per month and make about $400 extra per month (with the bonus).  Now I only need $1100 more per month.  WTH!!!

How low can I go???  Should I sell my house?  Rob my 401k?  Could I take on a roommate?

I don’t think so!

Maybe I will find a new box and think outside of IT.  Headed to bed to fantasize about how I can be student loan debt free.

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Sweat the small stuff…

Would it be fair to say if you don’t know where your pennies go then you don’t have a clue where your dollars go?  I learned the hard way this is very true.  I had a money melt down in August and wanted to turn over a new leaf AGAIN.  I took a hard look at my earnings and my bills.  Or shall I say what I thought my bills were. I call it my WISH list of bills. W.I.S.H.-What I’m Suppose to Have.  I jotted down an estimate of what I paid every month.  I was so shocked to find initially that I made more than enough to take care of my bills.  So what the HELL was going on???
My WISH list wasn’t telling me enough.  So I pulled my spending records for three months.  Wow!  I am so dumb.  I spent money on stupid ish!  Ridiculous!  And let me tell you, its not what you think.

It was late fees, overdraft fees, money transfer fees, and the occasional bottle of wine.

Okkkkkkkkkk. Now that I know that…I need to add up how much I’m wasting on paying bills on MY SCHEDULE. Then figure out how to get off this hampster wheel.

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What I realized at the polls…

I realized two very important things at the polls…

1.  It is a privilege and honor to vote for who I want.  This is a right many fought for and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.

2.  Whether or not my candidate wins this election, I am the President, VP, CEO, and CFO of Me, Inc.  So I am going to take my free time tonight and focus on my 2013 budget.  I am not going to plant myself in front of the television and listen to election results.  I am creating my company’s mission statement and determining the role my employees will pay in getting Me, Inc. to its goal.  Who are my employees, you ask?  Each and every dollar I make.  I aim to have some very hard working employees.  I will make sure they make the most of their time working for my company (even if it is brief).  The best way to get the most out of your employees is to give them specific tasks and a common goal. Say it with me…BUDGET!

Good Night and God Bless!

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How do you fight fire?

Imagine you are awakened to the smell of smoke.  You realize your house is on fire!  What do you do?  You would typically rescue the kids and the dogs (the cats will save themselves).  Then you would run to safety.  After you and the most important people (and animals) in your life are safe you give the fire department a call or yell for the neighbors.

When you are faced with losing it all, you spring into action saving what’s most significant to you FIRST.

I awakened in August 2012 to the smell of smoke.  It was my credit score going up in FLAMES.  If you read the previous post you know that I was behind on every bill.  The worst of all, were my car note and home mortgage. They were the most expensive and the most significant.  I can’t go to work without a car and I need somewhere to live!  To top it off, my fledgling credit would never recover from a foreclosure AND repossession.  YIKES!  So when I ran into the flames to rescue what was nearest and dearest to me, they were undoubtedly first.  But how do you pay 3 car notes and three mortgage payments in one month.  This is over $4100!  I said a prayer and called Wells Fargo (who held my mortgage).  Well I am sure they were waiting on my call.  Seeing as how they called me 15 times a day, they really wanted to talk.  They had this great “repayment plan”.  I could sign up for the plan, pay an extra $300 per month on my mortgage for 6 months and save my credit (and house).  Where do I sign?  Finally someone has handed me a fire extinguisher.  To make it an even sweeter deal, the payments wouldn’t start until October!!!!!

With that problem solved (or so I thought) I moved on to the next fire.  And I was armed with my mortgage payment for September (since I didn’t have to make a payment until October)!  I called the credit union to get the bad news.  How much did I need to pay to have their permission to continue to pay for and eventually own my car?????? $1690!!!!  I had the money for 1 mortgage payment and 1 car note payment in hand.  This was about $1400.  Let’s just say I had to make several more phone calls.  I asked for extensions, made payment arrangements, and yes ended the month with a negative checking account balance.  But I pulled it off.

I don’t want to go through this ever again, so it is time I make a change!

STAY TUNED…I am not out of the woods yet.  Still a lot more drama.