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What to do next?

Well I finally did it! I paid off my $11400 student loan! I owe now one loan at $77800. If only that was my only debt. I have a car at $8800, a $5000 personal loan for my new AC and 2 credit cards totaling about $2500.  My goal by December 31st is to pay off my credit cards and car.  I have a roommate paying $600 per month.  I don’t know if I mentioned but I hate having a roommate!  I don’t share very well.  Luckily she is a great roommate. But I like being alone.  She will be my roommate until I only have my student loan and house payments left. Before the AC went out that was going to be December. Now I will pay bills with Gazelle like intensity and pretend I can still hit that target. I refuse to be derailed by a few unexpected expenses. But I will take a minute and do a tiny victory dance for now.