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MLMs…I’m not buying it!

It Works! Mary Kay! AdvoCare…I have done them all.  The best thing I got out of these multilevel marketing (MLM) businesses were the products themselves. Unfortunately, the products won’t make you rich.  What pays, is getting everyone you meet to drink the kool-aid.  I have fallen in love with many products.  The Mary Kay Satin Hands is the most amazing dry skin product I have ever used on my hands.  I could sell it because I believed in it.  But you can’t sell stuff you don’t like or don’t use.  I didn’t like the makeup for my skin tone.  I was addicted to MAC eyeshadow so I never used the MK color palette.  And the skincare I liked was discontinued after I began selling it.  The facts, that I only liked 30% of my products and knew the group I was in only cared about my quota, helped me walk away.  Read my post The Brief Love Affair I Had With Lipstick

Then I tried AdvoCare at a time in my life when I was least committed to my fitness.  I was talking the talk but not walking the walk.  I did love those Spark drink mixes though.  However, I never tried to sell one pack.  I used my starter kit and abandoned ship.  Who knew later I would drop 15 pounds and actually set fitness goals.  But I did that without AdvoCare so I was really uninterested in selling the goods.  

Next I followed my niece into It Works!  I have not used a single product and I have been a distributor for 7 months.  My starter kit is in my trunk.  After about 4 months I decided I wasn’t turning my Instagram into a way to worry the shit out of all the people I follow or that follow me.  Also I didn’t want to use stock before and after photos to convince people that It Worked for me and would work for them.  Nor did I want to post earnings checks to make folks interested in the business.  And besides I would have to hustle and earn some money first.  Honestly, I signed up in hopes of a small secondary income and so far i have lost $140.

I now have a friend courting me to join her Rodan Fields business.  The initial investment is about $700!  That shit ain’t happening.  

(But best peel and moisturizer ever!)

My truth:  MLMs are increasing the size of my shovel.  I’m done digging a larger debt hole with get rich quick schemes.  I’m just going to continue working and chip away at my existing debt.  It’s slow but effective. 

BTW: I have cancelled It Works. 

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