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Roommate Free! What does that really mean for my money?

There is a crap ton of emotional baggage that goes with asking one of your good friends to move out of your home after an extended period. However, I decided it was time. In previous posts I talked about the frustrations I felt with the living arrangement. And I knew it was no longer beneficial for me. Truly it didn’t benefit them either. So now what does that mean to my money. Well, for starters I have no “get ahead money”. I didn’t need money to maintain my lifestyle but I wanted money to improve my lifestyle. I didn’t want fancy purses and shoes, I wanted freedom from student loan debt. In the past 6 years I have made some slow but steady progress. My student loan debt is down from $93000 to $71600. I increased my monthly payment on February from $561 to $1080! My credit card debt is down from $4400 to $2900. It was used for a new toilet, decorations and furniture (a fact I’m not proud of). My car is paid off! At the end of 2017, my credit score had gone up a 160 points. then plummeted when I got a new “loan” (see my sad attempt at explaining myself below)!

I am finally tackling some home improvement projects! Two weeks ago I got rid of my 15 year old cheap carpet and torn linoleum! But that came with a $10000 price tag. I financed my floors. The whole time I went through the approval process for my floors I thought I was getting an installment loan. Then BAM! I got a maxed out credit card in the mail. Seems the amount I was approved for was the exact amount I needed to do my floors. And I got a stinking credit card. I should have asked questions and read the fine print. But I let the excitment of my new floors get the best of me. This made my credit usage 42% of my available credit. Little boys and girls with good scores are usually under 20%. I bought a new AC/Heating unit almost two years ago with a personal loan. It costed $5000 and I made my last payment before my first floor payment was due! I’m painting my house interior at the rate of one room a month. I’m starting in my boarders’ rooms. Hopefully fresh paint and no carpet will get rid of the smell. It is not terrible but unpleasant. I paid a family friend $125 to do two rooms. And those are the first and last two rooms he will ever paint for me. You get what you pay for! As we speak I’m getting an oil change and tune up ($300). My car has 206,000 miles! I’m trying to take care of her so she will take care of me 1 more year.

I have one more major thing to do this year. I will fence in my backyard for $1600. Hopefully everything in my house will hang on for a few more months so i can catch my breath.

So as thankful as I am to have my entire home to myself, I am overwhelmed with the mounting financial responsibilities. I have worked all the overtime I can and won’t stop any time soon. God has given me more than I can ask for and taken care of me when there wasn’t enough. I will keep my faith and focus on Him. I have a grateful heart and a mind to work as hard as I can over the next couple of years to get and keep everything moving forward.

Status Report:

Amex- $2900

Floors- $9875

Student Loan- $71600

PS- In the couple days between writing and publishing this post. My hot water tank started leaking!