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Side Hustle

What will I do to earn about $600 per month. I have about 20 hours per week to sacrifice. So that’s about 80 hours. The best thing is I could work for minimum wage here in Alabama and make…

Ok so sorry but I published the above unfinished post. I could blame the dogs trampling my phone. Or maybe on one of my many sleepless nights I rolled over it while tossing and turning. But yep it was posted.

So with the possibility of only making minimum wage for my time, knowing my time is a finite resource, I decided against a part time job.

This post was started when I removed a boarder from my home. I was afraid that the income from them would be greatly missed. So this post was nothing but panic. But with a few adjustments to my budget, all of my fears were squashed. This has truly been the most peaceful living I’ve experienced in my adulthood. I was blessed with 2 pay increases since that day that helped significantly. And I very quickly realized what things were important.

Putting my mental health before my student loan debt was worth it. My student loans payments are getting made. I have no emergency fund thanks to several emergencies. I still have a home and all of it’s expenses. Still have my 2009 Camry that I pray makes it into 2020. So it is what it is…hard, sometimes lonely, but empowering.

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I just read there are people fleeing the country to “escape” their student loan debt. Read their stories here.

Young people, there is no silver bullet! Fleeing the country is equivalent to placing loans in deferment. Interest is still accruing and that overwhelming loan balance is getting larger and overwhelming-er.

Figure out what you can do to make payments! Reduce your living expenses. If you are able to live with your parents or a friend / relative then live with them. If you have time to work a second job work a second job. Sell your stuff. Do odd jobs…anything legal that pays. But don’t let your balance grow!

I do understand that everyone’s chosen major didn’t lead to a well-paying career. There’s a lesson in that one statement alone. College is not the place to pursue your passion or interest IF it doesn’t lead to employment. It is the place to secure skills for gainful employment. Don’t go to a University for basket weaving. Watch YouTube videos to learn about basket weaving and practice basket weaving in your free time. Go to college and learn how to educate. Then once your debt is paid maybe you can sell handmade baskets on Etsy and teach basket weaving online. You get my point.

Everyone’s life presents different challenges and obstacles. But take this from someone who knows, ignoring your debt only makes it worse. Make your minimum payments at the very least. There’s also an income based repayment option with most student loan lenders. Don’t let this debt follow you into to your thirties and forties. And if you find yourself in my shoes with debt in your 40s from decisions you made at 18, don’t let it follow you into retirement. It only gets harder to pay.

My highest balance: > $94000 (after years of deferment)

Current balance: < $62200

Age: 44

Year when I committed to getting out of debt: 2012 (yep you read that right, 15 years after graduating)