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Side Hustle

What will I do to earn about $600 per month. I have about 20 hours per week to sacrifice. So that’s about 80 hours. The best thing is I could work for minimum wage here in Alabama and make…

Ok so sorry but I published the above unfinished post. I could blame the dogs trampling my phone. Or maybe on one of my many sleepless nights I rolled over it while tossing and turning. But yep it was posted.

So with the possibility of only making minimum wage for my time, knowing my time is a finite resource, I decided against a part time job.

This post was started when I removed a boarder from my home. I was afraid that the income from them would be greatly missed. So this post was nothing but panic. But with a few adjustments to my budget, all of my fears were squashed. This has truly been the most peaceful living I’ve experienced in my adulthood. I was blessed with 2 pay increases since that day that helped significantly. And I very quickly realized what things were important.

Putting my mental health before my student loan debt was worth it. My student loans payments are getting made. I have no emergency fund thanks to several emergencies. I still have a home and all of it’s expenses. Still have my 2009 Camry that I pray makes it into 2020. So it is what it is…hard, sometimes lonely, but empowering.

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